Antress Modern Monster

Antress has updated the Modern Series plugin pack to version 2.15, featuring 2 additional plugins (27 total).

Updated in v2.15

  • Modern Bouncer (new)
    • Power On/Off button
    • LCD display include
    • Attack, Release, Gain, Threshold, Ratio, Knee controls
    • Ouput control
  • Modern Monster (new)
    • Comp to EQ/Side-Chain EQ switch
    • LCD display include
    • Phase Of/Off button
    • Equaliser Module Of/Off button
    • Dynamic Module Of/Off button
    • Output control
    • Gain, Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release controls for Dynamic
    • EQ Modification from Modern Booster
    • Compressor Modification from Modern Bouncer
    • Gain, Bandwidth, Freq controls for EQ
    • High pass filter control
    • Hard clip mode Limiter include (LT Button)
  • Vintage Edition plugins sound engine improved

Visit Antress for more information and a link to download the latest version of the Modern Series plugins.

Note: Since Antress’ website seems to be down (or rather redirect to the SSL website…) you can download the plug-ins from