Klanglabs updates OverDubber to v1.74

Klanglabs OverDubber

Klanglabs has updated OverDubber to version 1.74.

OverDubber is a two tap delay focused towards Dub creation and Live use, including features such as BPM based times, Pitch-Mod (simulation of tape speed fluctuations) and a tape reel knob (it allows user to play with delay speed manually).

Updated in v1.74

  • Added hints on all buttons

Visit Klanglabs for more information and a link to download OverDubber v1.74.

While you’re over there, check the beta of the upcoming plugin “The mincer” (realtime slice-reorder with MIDI triggering support), which is also available for download.

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The link is not correct because the own link on their website is wrong, either.
Its file name of v1.74 seems to be “OverDubber.zip” at this moment. I have unzipped and checked the version.

Thanking to Rekkerd.org for everyday effort.