Antress Modern Transformer

Antress has released Modern Transformer, a freeware VST plug-in made with SynthMaker.


  • Lo-Fi style sound maker
  • Power, Shift(Phase), Split On/Off button
  • Fater control, action in Fat button On
  • Phase button to coincide original stereo input
  • LCD display include
  • Trancer, Speeder, Output controls

Some of the other Antress plug-ins have also been updated to v1.45.

A few bug fixes for Modern Channel Strike (phase flip and Gain), Modern LA-2ME (compress & limit mode), Modern VariME (limit mode) and Modern Illusionister (GUI).

Furthermore the sound engine has improved for Modern Deep Purple, Modern Channel Strike, Modern LA-2ME, Modern 1176ME, Modern VariME and Modern Phoenix and Modern FFT Komfreessor has a new GUI.

Visit Antress for more information and a link to download Modern Transformer and v1.45 of the other plug-ins.

Note: Since Antress’ website seems to be down (or rather redirect to the SSL website…) you can download the plug-ins from