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Antress releases Modern VH-ME and updates Modern Amplifier MLA-5 and Modern VD-ME


Antress has released Modern VH-ME, a freeware compressor VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Antress VH-ME

VH-ME features

  • Classic Empirical Labs Distressor® emulator.
  • Auto Attack and Release, Hardcore!, Bypass On/Off Buttons.
  • Limiter mode On/Off Button.
  • Compressor mode(2.5:1 – 5:1), Limiter mode(8:1 – 20:1).
  • Input controls (Relative threshold).
  • Drive controls (Relative Ratio).
  • Attack control (0.03 – 10 ms).
  • Release control (Hardcore 1 – 30 ms, Stand 35 – 600 ms).
  • Gain Reduction meter include.
  • Output control (0 – 40 dB).

Antress has also updated Modern Amplifier MLA-5 and Modern VD-ME.

If you’ve heard about Antress before, you probably also know it seemed he vanished from the face of the earth a while ago, so welcome back Antress!

More information: Antress

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