Anwida Soft has announced the release of version 2.0.0 of the L1V limiter/maximizer effect plugin.

This unit provides extremely transparent action with a natural and smooth response allowing it to be used both to control the dynamics of single tracks and to maximize the level of the final mix.

Particular care has been taken in creating an algorithm that assures high precision limiting action.

L1V features

  • Extremely transparent limiting action.
  • 64-bit internal precision.
  • Highly optimized DSP code.
  • Ultra clean and noiseless processing.
  • Look-ahead function.
  • Delay compensation on hosts supporting PDC.
  • Hard/soft knee.
  • Factory presets.
  • Parameter values can be entered manually.
  • Fully automatable (depending on host application).
  • Stereo output (stereo->stereo).

Priced $49 USD, L1V is available now for OS X/macOS as a VST3 and AU plugin. The Windows version with VST3 support is coming soon.

More information: Anwida