dSONIQ has released an update to its complete mixing workspace that re-creates the acoustic environment of a recording studio control room in your headphones and corrects their frequency response.

Version 1.7 of Realphones comes with a new user-friendly “Easy Mode” interface.

Now you can adjust the sound with just 3 basic controls! At the same time, there are no compromises in the sound quality in Easy Mode. It is based on the same engine as the classic interface of Realphones. The only difference is in the simplified system of control.

In case you need access to more detailed settings of the plugin, we have provided the ability to switch from Easy Mode to Advanced Mode of Realphones and back.

Changes in Realphones v1.7

  • “Easy mode” introduced: additional simplified interface with no compromise in sound quality.
  • New 3 headphone emulation profiles: Dynamic Open, Dynamic Closed and Gentle Response.
  • New factory presets added.
  • Offline export control: now it’s possible to mixdown through Realphones.
  • “Wake up” system-wide driver issue fixed.
  • Stability improvements.

Realphones is on sale at up to 45% off at Plugin Boutique until June 15th, 2021, starting from 37 EUR.

More information: dSONIQ