Apogee has introduced Symphony I/O, the most advanced multi-channel professional audio interface available with next-generation sound quality, Logic and Pro Tools compatibility and total I/O flexibility.

Perfecting the collaboration between Apogee audio hardware and the Mac, Symphony I/O is the culmination of 25 years of award-winning design experience featuring a unique modular based system which can function in StandAlone Mode or connect directly to a Mac via any Mac-based audio workstation. With Symphony I/O, the new Symphony System sets an unprecedented standard with ground-breaking digital audio conversion technology, new Maestro 2 software, multiple I/O options and ultra low latency performance.

With flexible and scalable I/O architecture, the upgraded Symphony System now allows end-users to define a system to their specific needs while benefitting from an incredible feature set. Symphony I/O’s base chassis can accommodate up to 2 I/O modules, creating any combination of analog and digital I/O with USB 2.0, Symphony and Avid’s Pro Tools connectivity. The new Maestro 2 offers integral control of Symphony I/O with clean and clear software interface that makes workflow easy by removing the guesswork from routing, mic pre adjustment, input and output calibration and hardware control. Lastly, connect Symphony I/O to the Symphony 64 PCI or Symphony Mobile Express/34 card for ultra low latency with Apple Logic, and all Apple Core Audio applications.

Symphony I/O will be available to purchase starting at $3690 USD. Availability of modules according to the Symphony I/O Release Schedule, starting with the first release in August, 2010.

More information: Apogee / Symphony I/O