Arman Bohn VSTi Poll

Arman Bohn has put up a poll to decide which VST instrument he should release next.

Here’s what you can choose from:

  • Hydrogen Spectra, a virtual instrument that translates the spectral lines of Hydrogen into the audio spectrum.
  • Guitar Feedback, an instrument based on guitar feedback.
  • Plucked Cello, a sample based instrument with a variety of controls added to customize and tweak the sounds.
  • Wine Glass, will likely have 36 notes (similar to the 37 found on Benjamin Franklin’s Armonium) and be sample based.
  • Ray Gun, the sounds of Arman’s old toy ray guns packed into a virtual instrument.

The poll will be up for about a week, so if you’d like to see one of the above instruments come to life make sure to go vote for it.