Audio Plugin Deals has announced a two week promotion on Arpology Cinematic Dimensions by Sample Logic, the powerful arpeggiator instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Built from the ground up, this is an entirely new product which has been specifically designed for musical motion. Each of the presets are uniquely diverse in style and scope and that’s just the start.

ARPOLOGY CINEMATIC DIMENSIONS features powerful built-in randomization functions which can automatically inspire in an infinite number of ways. With these randomization features users can remix fragments of presets to forge together uniquely original cinematic sequences never heard before; all at the click of a button.

Arpology Cinematic Dimensions features

  • 1,200+ presets.
  • 23+GB Sample Content.
  • Drag & Drop MIDI patterns from ARPOLOGY into your DAW.
  • Dynamic meta-tag browsing system.
  • Sample Logic’s proprietary 4-core Step Animator with XY Mixer.
  • Entirely “randomizable” interface for instant and infinite inspiration.
  • Hot-swappable effects chain technology.
  • Built for Kontakt Retail 5.8, or higher.

Arpology Cinematic Dimensions is priced $89.99 USD until May 31st, 2021 (regular $399.99 USD).

More information: Audio Plugin Deals