Plugin Boutique has welcomed Lunatic Audio with an introductory sale on Narcotic, the audio plugin designed the add motion, movement and pulse to your sounds.

At its core, Narcotic is a multi-effect, however, it boasts some industry-leading, unique and powerful features that give it the ability to transform your music in ways you’ve never heard before.

Chain up to six of the 32 on board effects and add movement with per-parameter step sequencers.

Narcotic features

  • 32 in-built effects units.
  • Chain up to 6 effects in series.
  • Modulate each individual effect parameter with a unique, highly flexible step sequencer.
  • Modulate multiple parameters simultaneously with our trippy XY pad macros.
  • Modulate X & Y values separately with two extremely customizable step sequencers.
  • Take a trip, with the intelligent randomization of the Shroom Magic button.
  • Control global settings of every step sequencer and dry/wet mix.

Narcotic is on sale for $99 USD until November 9th, 2021 (regular $149 USD). The plugin comes in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats.

You can use coupon code PBNarcotic at the checkout to get the plugin for only $89 USD until November 7th, 2021.

More information: Lunatic Audio