Art Vista GrooveMaster Old School Bass

Art Vista has released three GrooveMaster virtual bass instruments for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Art Vista’s new electric bass libraries consist of three individual Kontakt 5 Player instruments featuring the recordings of Antonio “Tony” Newton, the Detroit bass man whose career spanned from the early days of the electric bass – with John Lee Hooker and Little Walter, and as staff bass player at Motown alongside James Jamerson, through his later fusion work with Tony Williams.

The GrooveMaster series includes three playable sampled electric bass plug-ins: Old School Bass, Double Neck Bass, and Bright Funky Bass. These libraries feature intelligent automatic idiomatic playback. A line played from a midi keyboard will instantly transcend into a credible live bass performance without the use of keys switches. The intelligent playback enables two-hand playing, but configurable key-switching is also available if so desired. These basses bring you the “real thing”, a slice of history and the distinctive sound of one of the bass players that defined the role of the electric bass in modern music.

The GrooveMaster instruments are available to purchase for MSRP $99 USD each. A bundle of all three libraries costs $199 USD.

More information: Art Vista / GrooveMaster