Artificial Audio has released Quartz, a multi-effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

QUARTZ is a unique multi-effect plug-in that turns the simplest sounds into ever evolving rhythmic soundscapes. But that is not everything. It is also a source of creative modulation which can be used to control parameters outside of QUARTZ such as software instruments, plug-ins or even external MIDI equipment. QUARTZ offers a clear and easy to use interface for intuitive workflow.

QUARTZ gets its name from the fact that all LINE and LFO modulations work to the audio sample rate, ensuring sample accurate parameter modulation. With its variety of effect modules and its powerful modulation capabilities, QUARTZ gives your sounds the right shape and groove.

Quartz features

  • Auto-panning and auto-gain effects can turn the simplest sounds into the coolest groovy gated rhythmic patterns.
  • Two filters give you a choice of traditional filter effects such as lowpass, highpass and bandpass in combination with high quality oversampling modes. These filter twins let you tweak your sounds from soft lowpass or highpass filtering to hard distorted self-resonant filter sounds.
  • Tempo-syncable linkable stereo delay with up to 4 seconds of delay time provides you with all the spacial control you would expect. Modulating the delay time and delay feedback let’s you create the weirdest dub- and tape-delay effects.
  • Shaper, a classic wave shaper module. It can be used to add extra distortion and saturation effects to your sounds.
  • With its 4 highclass LFOs and its 4 unique modulation lines, QUARTZ has some powerful tools for parameter modulation. The LFOs and the modulation lines can modulate every important parameter in QUARTZ.
  • Send modulation via MIDI to your host software and have them modulate any other plug-in parameter or even any external MIDI equipment.

Quartz is available to purchase as an effect plug-in for PC and Mac (VST/AU), priced at 79 EUR.

More information: Artificial Audio / Quartz