ArtsAcoustic CL Series - CLMS-1 XL

CL Series, a bundle of 3 accurateley analog-modeled photoelectronic dynamic processors, nameley CL-1, CLMS-1 and CLMS-1 XL.

They’re based on various analog optoelectronic diode tube compressor schematas used during the late 70’s up to the mid 80’s.

CL Series features

  • Optoelectronic diode cirquit
  • Tube driven gainstage
  • Comprehensive mid/side capabilities
  • 64bit internal precision
  • Control signal lowpass/highpass
  • True stereo external sidechaining
  • Ultra accurate vca brickwall limiting
  • Sample accurate limiter clip mode
  • Zero latency
  • Very low cpu usage
  • Extremely analog sounding

The CL Series is available to purchase as VST effect plug-ins for PC and Mac (Mac AU/UB coming soon), priced at 199 EUR / $229 USD.

More information: ArtsAcoustic / CL Series