Arturia has launched a firmware version 1.1 update for its MatrixBrute, a powerful analog monophonic synthesizer.

We are proud to announce the first update to our flagship analog synthesizer. Based on early feedback from MatrixBrute owners, we have refined its firmware to give you the best possible creative experience. Matrix-arpeggiator, real-time recording, preset knob position indication, and more!

Changes in MatrixBrute firmware v1.1

  • Real-time recording mode records the notes you play. Holding a note during several steps automatically ties them while playing a note with a high velocity records an accent on this step. Record the modulation track live by using the Modulation Amount knob.
  • Matrix Arpeggiator, made of up to 16 steps, each represented by a column of the Matrix, and arpeggiated chords of up to 4 notes. The four top rows work just like in standard sequencer mode for these 16 steps. The lower part can be divided in three groups of 4 rows. Each group represents an octave from -1 to +1 and the 4 rows within each of them symbolize the 4 notes of the chord you play on the keyboard.
  • Displaying offset between preset and current value. Pressing the Preset button and moving a knob or slider displays the distance between the current value of this parameter and the one that is saved in the current preset.
  • Transposing Pitch CV outputs. Connect your MatrixBrute to the Arturia MIDI Control Center and check the Device tab to access this parameter.
  • New available clock resolution ensuring the compatibility with Korg instruments.
  • Improved efficiency and accuracy of the Autotune.
  • Loading of presets is now quicker and does not generate “pops” anymore…

The MatrixBrute is available for purchase for 1999 EUR. The version 1.1 firmware is now available.

More information: Arturia / MatrixBrute