Asparion has announced a new DAW controller that offers an all-purpose user interface for a state-of-the-art music production. Designed for maximum productivity, the D700 adapts to your needs unconditionally.

With up to 64 motorized faders, countless LED push buttons and RGB rotary encoders there is no limit to your creativity. The multitude of connection options, like MIDI, OSC and MQTT, controls everything the heart desires. From a DAW program to lighting software up to a music player and even a smart home.

Ultra compact and extremely robust

Through its attractive design with a depth of only 265mm the D700 finds its place on every desk. The low construction height of only 36mm contributes to its timeless design which makes it look good everywhere. Only 1.95m is needed to house 64 faders.

The aluminum chassis with its anodized laser printed surface does not only look sophisticated but is also extremely robust. With the tremendous quantity of LEDs and the all-round translucent push button caps you have everything immediately in sight out of every perspective. That combined with the RGB encoders creates a true light spectacle.

Asparion D700On


The D700FT forms the basis. Besides all basic functions like “play”, “stop” and “record” you can control the master volume with an RGB encoder. The buttons Pan, EQ, Send and FX will assign the respective function to the rotary encoders. Thereby a huge number of parameters can be controlled.

The available sockets to connect a sustain or expression pedal give you the chance to even use your feet. You can connect up to 7 extensions to the D700FT which gives you up to 64 faders at the same time.


The combination of 8 highly precise motorized faders with 4 LED push buttons each and an RGB rotary encoder with a LED ring gives you full control over your audio tracks. The touch-sensitive metalized surface of all faders lets automation become child’s play.

With an accuracy of up to 4000 levels per fader you always move your controllers exactly to where you want them to be. The fader noise has been reduced to a minimum so there are no distractions whatsoever. With the colorization of the RGB encoders, the audio channels can be identified in no time.


To keep an eye on all your tracks in all lighting conditions the D700 can be extended with an OLED display. Readability is guaranteed from every angle in darkness as well as in sunlight by the use of organic light diodes. With a resolution of 1024×64 pixels combined with the high refresh rate working professionally is not an issue and the workflow is optimized.

Alongside 3 lines of text with up to 12 characters plus the track number, the display offers a metering view with clipping.

Asparion Configurator Software

Via the extensive software “Asparion Configurator” you can configure the smallest detail and your D700 will thereby be customized to your personal needs without any limitations.

Connection Options

Connected via USB-C the D700 can send Midi messages to almost any device. From a computer to a tablet up to a smartphone. Besides the universal Midi CC mode, the D700 is also compatible to the Mackie and HUI protocol.

With that you can not only connect to the predefined Software (Cubase, Nuendo, Audition, Premiere Pro, Digital Performer, Live, Samplitude, Music Studio, Sequoia, Logic, Studio One, Tracktion, Waveform, Pro Tools, Reason, Reaper, Vegas, ACID Pro, Sonar, Cakewalk, FL Studio, Bitwig, Mixbus 32C, LV1, DMX Joker, MADRIX, Daslight) but also to a wide variety of other software.

Asparion Connector

A controller is only as useful as its connection options. That is why Asparion aims at making them as comprehensive as possible. The newly developed Asparion Connector multiplies the number of connection options of the D700. The software makes it possible to connect e.g. via OSC (Open Sound Control) and MQTT. With that not only a wide variety of software can be controlled but also a smart home.

Combined with the automatic preset change the D700 can also be used when no DAW is active to complete tasks like adjusting the operating system’s volume and control Spotify or dim the room lighting. More connection options will follow, and Asparion will also adopt customer ideas.

Available by the end of Q3 2023, the D700 has the following RRP:

  • Bundle (D700FT + D700F + 2x D700S): $2,799 USD.
  • D700FT: $1,399 USD.
  • D700F: $1,249 USD.
  • D700S: $179 USD.

More information: Asparion