Audanika has released version 2.0 of its SoundPrism iPhone/iPad touchscreen instrument and MIDI controller app.

Audanika SoundPrism

The new version features a redeveloped sound engine and an in app store where additional instrument packs can be purchased to extend the range of SoundPrism’s sonic possibilities and which also includes a free soundpack for users to play with.

In addition to this the new sound engine has allowed Audanika to add FX such as delay and reverb to SoundPrism’s patches, adding a new layer of depth to new and existing sounds.

The SoundPrism interface has also been redeveloped for this release and now features a piano keyboard display which allows users to see the notes they are playing on SoundPrism’s beautifully designed touchscreen interface. Users can now also shake their device to access a fullscreen version of the instrument which removes the menu options and allows for a wider range of notes. Additional features which have been added to SoundPrism 2.0 include retina display support for iOS 4 devices and multitasking, which will allow the instrument to run in the background whilst users are accessing other apps on their device. A YouTube video which demonstrates these new features and soundpacks can be found at the Audanika YouTube-Channel.

Changes in SoundPrism 2.0

  • New Interface.
  • Keyboard View.
  • New Sound Engine.
  • Fullscreen Mode (just shake your iOS device to activate).
  • New Sounds can be downloaded from the SoundPrism Pro Store.
  • Retina Support.
  • Multitasking Support.
  • It’s faster, brighter, crisper, sounds better and we’re going to update it more often.

SoundPrism Pro 2.0 for iOS is available to purchase for $15.99 USD/£9.49 GBP/€12.99 EUR. The update is free for existing users. A standard version is free to download.

More information: SoundPrism