Audeon UFO

Audeon has announced UFO, a software synthesizer that is the first product to implement TransModal Synthesis™ technology.

TransModal Synthesis relies on K-Osc™, an oscillator model capable of smoothly transitioning between various oscillation modes like harmonic, noisy, or chaotic, and Morphilter™, a filter allowing continuous transitions between modes (low-pass, high-pass, etc.). Coupled with an extremely powerful modulation matrix, UFO’s synthesis engine lets you accurately shape your sound and its evolution over time with an unparalleled ease of use, thanks to the innovative user interface.


  • Simplicity
    UFO is very easy and fast to program. Sound programming mostly comes down to placing dots and drawing arrows on control screens featuring perceptually relevant parameters.
  • Versatility
    UFO’s flexible synthesis algorithms are capable of synthesizing a broad range of sounds from scratch, ranging from complex digital textures to organic flavoured sounds.
  • Expressivity
    not only is UFO synthesis engine versatile, but most of the synthesis parameters can be modulated by up to eight modulation sources, all at the same time. This gives UFO an unmatched expressivity, with velocity and aftertouch being able to radically alter the sound, while the modulation wheel can be used to “morph” the sound into a totally different one.

The full version of UFO (VST plugin for PC, MAC version should follow soon) is scheduled for December and will cost 199 euros ($229). It will be priced 199€ ($229).
A preview (Release Candidate) of UFO is available on the Audeon site.