Audio Brewers has announced the release of a digital reverb plugin with spatial properties which add not only width but also height and depth to your signal with both early and late reflections that can be manipulated independently.

ab Reverb works natively with Mono, Stereo or Ambisonics sources (1OA, 2OA, 3OA) and creates Stereo or Ambisonics signals so that the user can later decode it to any speaker-array possible, from binaural all the way to Surround, Atmos, custom speaker arrays, etc.

ab Reverb’s internals work natively in Ambisonics, meaning that the user can apply spatial transformations to the reverberations for psycho acoustic results. Created spaces can later be rotated towards any direction as well as frozen function, offers a creative tool for sound designers that work in Dolby Atmos.

ab Reverb features

  • Designed with a plug-and-play mentality: It simply works.
  • Natively compatible with Mono, Stereo and Ambisonics Signals.
  • Presence and Width Control of the Dry signal.
  • Early and Late reverbs with independent controls for size and wet, pre-delay, damp and density, 1-band parametric EQ, and ‘Freeze’ button.
  • Spatial control for horizontal and vertical transformations.
  • Input compatible with Mono, Stereo and Ambisonics signals.
  • Output compatible with Stereo, Surround, Binaural, Atmos beds, or any speaker-array configuration through Ambisonics decoding.
  • Constant and automatic Troubleshooting algorithm keeps your signal flowing.

Available for Windows and Mac in VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats, ab Reverb is on sale for the intro price of 49 EUR through August 5th, 2022 (regular 59 EUR).

More information: Audio Brewers