A few days ago Chris Randall from Audio Damage announced on his blog that they were going to work on releasing some smaller effects with a more narrow focus.

The first one is Liquid, a through-zero flanger effect plugin.

Audio Damage Liquid

Through-zero flanging was done in the 60’s using a pair of analog tape decks, mixing 2 tapes with varying play speed (flange = slowing one of the reels down by placing a thumb against the flange of the reel) on a 3rd tape. Unlike a traditional flanger guitar pedal, Liquid mixes the wet signal before and after the dry signal.

You can check a short mp3 of Liquid in action.

Chris writes:

The first sound is a dry pad from my MKS80, then the same pad through Liquid, with big depth and slow rate. The second is some dumb drum break from the latest CM cover DVD, then the same drum break with Liquid on slightly faster mod settings and higher feedback.
So, as you can immediately tell, it is a subtle effect, not immediately obvious as to what’s happening. All you can tell is that the Good Button was pushed, especially for pads and electric pianos. The “OFFSET” knob is especially useful for stereo-izing mono signals; it offsets the left and right signals from each other slightly, resulting in a nice wide stereo field.

Liquid is going to cost $29 USD and should be available in the Audio Damage store soon.