Audio Hawaii releases Concert Ukulele Strummer Apple Loops Edition

Audio Hawaii Concert Ukulele Strummer Apple Loops

Audio Hawaii (formerly Tiki Records Hawaii), a company specializing in native Hawaiian sample libraries, has released and Apple Loops version of the Concert Ukulele Strummer sample library.

There are 9 different strumming patterns with up and down single strums in all 12 keys and all 12 chord types. (major, major7, 7, 9, 6, minor, minor7, minor6, diminished, augmented, add2, sus4)

There are loops with a straight feel and loops with more of a swing feel in each of the 9 strumming patterns. A grand total of 2880 files.

The strumming loops are two bars in length for each chord. One chord per loop. It’s a great way to construct a uke track quickly. Bring a feel of the islands to your next song.

Concert Ukulele Strummer Apple Loops is available to purchase for $59 USD. No sampler required.

More information: Audio Hawaii / Concert Ukulele Strummer Apple Loops

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You can now get individual loops packs at $5 as well.