Audio Imperia has launched a limited time sale on selected instrument libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Audio Imperia Hank Drum

While we are working hard on a number of new releases and updates, come check out our online store and save 25% for a limited time and enjoy three of our boutique instrument libraries: Nailstrom Guitar, Hank Drum & Hank Drum Exp 01.

Audio Imperia Sale

  • Nailstrom Guitar – Nailstrom is a cigar box guitar that was built and extensively sampled, capturing all of its strange quirks and nuances. Nailstrom utilizes nails for frets, which makes for a very temperamental tone, ranging from clear plucked notes to harsh, gritty bowing.
  • Hank Drum – Bryan Leach’s main idea behind Hank Drum was to capture the natural relaxing and meditative tones of this absolutely gorgeous sounding instrument. As a composer, he wanted it to be playable with a multi-sampled approach, along with a handful of varying techniques.
  • Hank Drum Exp 1: Cinematic Motions – Hank Drum Exp 01: Cinematic Motions is an independent addition to the Hank Drum family and aims at creating rhythmic landscapes, crisp percussive sounds and interesting sonic ideas that inspire.

The sale ends soon.

More information: Audio Imperia