Audio Pluggers has released a beta of K-Meter, a metering plug-in featuring upsampled peak detection, perceived loudness metering, K-System compatibility, and pink noise monitor calibration.

By using the K-System and K-Meter, audio engineers can ensure that their mixes reproduce accurately on a variety of playback systems, from theaters to MP3 players. K-Meter’s perceived loudness meter models the ear’s sensitivity to different frequencies, giving you a much more accurate indication of loudness than conventional meters. Combine this with the ability to detect inter-sample peaks, and you can be confident that your mixes are of the highest quality.

Audio Pluggers K-Meter

Audio Pluggers K-Meter

K-Meter features

  • Built from the ground up around the K-System.
  • Upsampled peak detection that discovers inter-sample peaks missed by other meters (upsamples up to 4x the input rate).
  • Perceived loudness meter supporting the LKFS measurement (ITU-R BS.1770-1). This models the ear’s sensitivity to different frequencies.
  • Band-limited RMS meter for monitor calibration and compatibility with other meters.
  • Pink noise generator for monitor calibration.
  • Resettable clip indicators with sensitivity dial.
  • Collapsible interface that occupies less screen space.
  • All-in-one 32-bit and 64-bit universal binary supporting Intel and PPC Macs.
  • SIMD optimization including AltiVec and SSE support.
  • User manual including background on the K-System.

The K-Meter beta is available to purchase as an Audio Unit plug-in for Mac, for $25 USD (all future K-Meter updates and patches, free of charge). K-Meter will be $50 USD when it is released.

More information: Audio Pluggers