AudioSpillage MiniSpillage

AudioSpillage has released version 1.1 of MiniSpillage, a freeware drum synthesizer instrument plug-in for Mac.

MiniSpillage is a free professional quality drum synthesizer plugin featuring a high resolution 64-bit DSP audio engine and a custom set of drum synthesis algorithms. MiniSpillage offers a compact subset of the many features available in the DrumSpillage drum synth plugin.

Changes in MiniSpillage v1.1

  • New Features:
    • improved support for automation recording and editing
    • added solo buttons for each pad
    • added FM (frequency modulation) parameter to the BassDrum model
    • added Q (resonance) parameter to the WoodDrum model
    • pad selector now displays pad triggers in realtime
    • added copy/paste pad menu items in the pad file menu
    • added user preference to view MIDI note ranges as absolute MIDI values (0..127)
    • pads can now transmit ‘velocity’ via a user preference
    • added user preference to set default pad note-on velocity
    • improved meter sensitivity and accuracy
    • GUI improvements
    • wider selection of presets in both MiniSpillage and AudioUnit host format
    • printer friendly manual
  • Significant Changes:
    • Cocoa compatible host required (Ableton Live 7 still supported)
    • DSP optimisations
  • Bug Fixes:
    • fixed a bug that prevented the GUI opening correctly on Digital Performer 7
    • fixed a bug that produced inconsistent Env2 re-triggers
    • fixed a bug that caused the Decimate2 distortion algorithm to fail occasionally
    • fixed a bug that prevented filter cutoff modulations from restoring properly

MiniSpillage is available as a freeware AU instrument plug-in for Mac OS X 10.4 and higher.

More information: AudioSpillage