AudioSpillage DrumSpillage

AudioSpillage has released version 1.3 of DrumSpillage, a virtual drum/percussion synthesizer plug-in for Mac.

DrumSpillage comes equipped with 13 custom drum synthesis models individually engineered to create a particular family of percussion sounds (e.g. bass drum, hi-hat, cymbal and snare) but with enough flexibility built-in to inspire the creative mind.

Changes in DrumSpillage v1.3

  • LFO host tempo synchronization.
  • Envelope host tempo synchronization.
  • Number of audio outputs increased to 16.
  • Improved support for pad freezing and exporting.
  • GUI enhancements.
  • Bug fixes.

DrumSpillage for Mac (AU) is available to purchase for £55 GBP / 65 EUR / $89 USD until Friday 15 April, 2011 (25% off regular price).

More information: AudioSpillage