AudioTeknikk DoublePrecisionEqualizer

AudioTeknikk has released version 0.53 Beta of DoublePrecisionEqualizer, a free equalizer effect plug-in for Windows.

DoublePrecisionEqualizer got the name because it uses double precision floating point stream (64bit) in the critical parts of the calculations. It supports all sampling rates up to 192khz . There are different kinds of biquad filter structures witch also will affect the precision in computation. I have choosen Direct form II. So the sound should be top notch. This is ment to be a good and clean sounding EQ with minimal digital artifacts and a practical and informative UI for the user. The nodes in the graph also gives you and alternative way to control the parameters. It is implemented a circuit to give a tubish/analogish feel to the sound if you move the “Time travel” slider back in time.

Changes in DoublePrecisionEqualizer since v0.22 beta

  • High CPU consumption caused by GUI is now halved.
  • New fresh GUI.
  • Added controllable nodes to graph.
  • RMS and PPM now correct.
  • Added “Time travel” slider to change character of the sound.
  • Q and Slope values are now correct.
  • Added variable slope on LP & HP.
  • Added preset manager for the user to make his own presets.
  • Noise and pops some times when sweeping frequencies are now gone.
  • Added broken modus to get some crazy sound.

DoublePrecisionEqualizer is available to download as a free VST effect plug-in for Windows. Donations are appreciated.

More information: AudioTeknikk / DoublePrecisionEqualizer