AudioWarrior Axe-N-Skin

AudioWarrior has released Axe-N-Skin, a collection of drum loops and guitars riffs for Kontakt.

Axe-N-Skin features

  • Single Bass Beats
  • Double Bass Beats
  • Flexible Tempo | Flexible Pitch
  • Create completely new arrangements & chord progressions from single loops & riffs
  • More Than 300 Total Megs of Volcanic Audio
  • Quick-Compose Drum Beats, Drum Loops, Drum Fills that you can sync to the Guitar Riffs
  • Guitar Loops & Riffs that you can sync to the beat
  • Odd | Even -Time Signatures
  • Stereo-Mix allows advanced user processing, headroom, and overall control

Axe-N-Skin is available for download for $49 USD.

Visit AudioWarrior for more information and audio demos.