Big Fish Audio Bone Crushing Drums

Big Fish Audio has released Bone Crushing Drums, a drum loops sample library.

It’s time for some serious rockin’. This collection of ferocious and hard-hitting drum loops gives you the intensity of rock’s heavy side. Leave the lighter side for another day cause we’ve packed punk, garage, hard rock, and straight rock into this DVD. Each Genre contains 10 to 16 song sets giving you 50 total sets of loops to create full drum tracks with.

Bone Crushing Drums features

  • Apple Loops/WAV/REX/RMX version.
    • 3.9 GB on disc (1.4GB of 24-bit WAV content)
    • 836 WAV Loops on Disc
    • Tempos range from 76bpm to 280bpm
    • Choose between room and dry versions
    • Choose between 4 folders rock genres:
      1. Hard Rock
      2. Punk
      3. Garage
      4. Rock
    • Each of these four folders contain 10 to 16 folders of loop sets. Each set of loops has everything you need to create a full song from ride grooves, open hat grooves, closed hat grooves, tom grooves, fills, intro, endings, and more.
  • Pro Tools version
    • The Pro-Tools version includes all the content from the WAV/REX/Apple/RMX version but with multi-track micing and pro-tools sessions of each set of loops. Also included are OMF files and AAF files to access these sessions in DAW’s compatible with these formats.

Bone Crushing Drums is available for $99.95 USD.

More information: Big Fish Audio