SuperRiff Bass v1.0

SuperRiff has released SuperRiff Bass, a freeware VST bass instrument for Windows PC.

SuperRiff Bass contains a limited set of custom electric bass guitar single note samples for use in computer music production.

SuperRiff Bass features

  • Each note on a keyboard from E1 to E4 can trigger two different bass guitar sample types (37 samples type, 74 samples in total) depending on which one of two velocity values is triggered (Palm-muted and Open string single notes).
  • Listen Modes:
    • Full – SRB will respond to changes in keyboard velocity or velocity messages recorded in your host.
    • Muted – SRB will play palm-muted samples only regardless of keyboard/recorded velocity values.
    • Open – SRB will play open string samples only regardless of keyboard/recorded velocity values.
  • Modulation Wheel, control/record which sample types are triggered.
  • ADSR Envelope, allow a more varied level of expression to the instrument’s performance if used with control automation in your host.
  • Flanger effect.

Visit SuperRiff for more information.