AudioWarrior Brain

AudioWarrior has released Brain, a drum track builder library for Kontakt featuring Bryan “Brain” Mantia‘s drums.

Multi-Platinum Drummer Bryan “Brain” Mantia has recorded and toured the world over with recording artists Primus/Guns N’ Roses/Buckethead. “Brain’s” Rex2 drum files in Kontakt’s NKI format required more than a year to develop and perfect resulting in some of the most sample-accurate, flexible, best sounding drums you will ever experience.


  • 287 dedicated MIDI files.
  • 287 dedicated 24-bit Rex2 Drum Beats as .nki Kontakt Instruments.
  • Drag & Drop MIDI Intros, Grooves, Fills, and Outros of many styles, variations, and BPMs from 50-160.
  • Files may be mixed and matched, different BPM files may be mixed and matched, and THE BRAIN KIT with its ‘Live’ sound can be used to compliment the loops with the exact same sound, or use it to create entirely new grooves.

The Brain track builder library is available for download for $49 USD.

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