AudioWarrior Studio Silvertone Electric Guitar Plugin

AudioWarrior has released Studio Silvertone Electric Guitar Plugin, a plug-in version of the SilverTone’63 Electric Guitar sample library.

Add the ultimate direct guitar to your songs with the SilverTone’63 Electric Guitar
Plugin from Audiowarrior. Using any MIDI keyboard play Wah-Wah leads, Surf-Guitar, Spy-Guitar, DIVE BOMBS or use the Auto-Strum feature with the included and dedicated iStrum MIDI Patterns.

Studio Silvertone Electric Guitar VSTi features

  • 85 G-Mapped chords for use with iStrum MIDI patterns.
  • Defaults to 79 BPM strumming. Increase/decrease BPM as needed.
  • * iStrum MIDI patterns are 4 bars each.
  • +/- the BPM without changing pitch.
  • iStrum MIDI patterns work with all “G-Mapped” chords including the AW Acoustic Dreadnought Strummer and the AW Acoustic 12 String.
  • Chromatic patches.

The Studio Silvertone Electric Guitar VSTi is available for Windows and Mac (AU/VST/ReWire/Standalone) and costs $49 USD (download).

Visit AudioWarrior for more information and audio demos.