AudioWatermarking has announced the release of Audio Watermarking Tools (AWT), a collection of utilities for embedding (and extracting) short data payload within audio streams (wave files).

The watermark is extremely robust. It survives almost all kinds of audio conversions like transcoding using MP3, Ogg Vorbis and other lossy coders, acoustic coupling (transducing via air), effect processing, from a simple EQ to an extreme dynamic range compression, reverberation, echo, and more. AWT is free to try.

The tools are distributed as a package of console utilities running on Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP/NT/2000/Server and Linux; x86 and x64 versions of the binaries are available.

AWT is available to purchase in various versions (watermarking payload length) starting at 80 EUR. An eEvaluation (demo) version of AWT with limited functionality is available and can be downloaded absolutely free.

More information: