Audiobulb has announced availability of a Max for Live device and standalone software for Windows and Mac that lets you play samples randomly.

Auxture is a unique experimental sampler and sequencer that enables you to manipulate single samples or entire folders of samples through gesture, randomness and modulation.

Samples are randomly chosen from Auxture’s memory according to a freely settable probability, and playback at a rate proportional to the pitch.

When AUXTURE receives a note, it applies an exploratory set of processes resulting in unique outputs based on unexpected outcomes or happy accidents applied to your sample set.

Auxture has various parameters related to sample playback that can be set (loop mode, pitch shift, detunes), while others are based on chance (sample choice, reverse playback).

The software features an ADSR envelope, timbric delay, frequency modulation and ring modulation, redux distortion, stereo delay, weird reverb, 2 second order filters with cut-off, resonance and gain controls, and bandpass, notch and shelf filters. A ‘Slices’ folder containing 115 free to use samples is included as well.

Auxture is available for purchase for £20 GBP.

More information: Audiobulb