Cwitec has released an update to the TX16Wx Software Sampler, a free sampler instrument for Windows and Mac.

New features include in-voice unison for super fat voices, and micro tuning support via (soon to be released) MTS-ESP. The update also includes some tweaks for those who records their own samples.

Note: there is a big change/fix in this release. It was discovered that earlier releases of TX16Wx VST3 had different ID:s on Mac/Win (due misunderstanding of the SDK). This has been corrected in 3.5. For those on Mac with existing projects using the VST3 plug-in, there is a compatibility plug-in with the old ID to ensure these projects can be loaded seamlessly. Once all projects are updated, this helper plug-in can be disabled in settings.

Changes in TX16Wx v3.5.0

  • Wave/program/performance/bank now have “go to folder” command to locate corresponding file in file browser.
  • Added in-oscillator “unison” feature to Sound parameters.
  • Added set/skip root key assignment in auto/re-sampler.
  • Added note and sample index as naming tokens in sampler.
  • Added noise oscillators.
  • Sound engine and FX routing improvements.
  • UI rendering improvements and stability fixes.
  • Load/save groups of non-overlapping wave regions as LMS (Lethal multi sample).
  • VST3 plug-in on OS X used broken/different ID from windows. Fixed to be same across platforms, so projects can be moved and loaded across Win/Mac. A special “legacy” version of VST3 plug-in is available on Mac to load old projects using the old, broken, ID. This can be disabled in settings.
  • FLAC import now recognizes and reads WAV smpl/inst/cue/acid etc chunks if preserved.
  • FLAC save now generates smpl/inst/cue/acid etc chunks in addition to native TX16Wx metadata.
  • Wave editor now has “snap to zero” mode, forcing positions to sample zero crossings.
  • Matrix editor now has lasso select.
  • Region editor lasso/shift/control select improved.
  • Added support for MTS-ESP micro tuning control.
  • Fixed wave layout to handle fixed/drum sounds better, respecting metadata bounds info.
  • Fixed crash when sorting empty groups (no sound assigned).
  • Fixed output mode change not working in some hosts.
  • Fixed deadlock in REAPER when changing output mode.
  • Fixed ARP automation not updating UI controls.
  • Fixed edge case in streamer causing clicks.
  • Fixed matrix menu pop-up doing invisible cell selection.
  • Fixed matrix menu row/column reverse not working (did delete).
  • Fixed matrix row/column reverse/rotate enabled condition.

TX16Wx is a free download in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats. A license of TX16Wx Professional is 39 EUR for non-commercial use, and 99 EUR for unrestricted use.

More information: Cwitec