VST Buzz has launched an exclusive sale on AVA Music Group’s Eminence, a collection of 250+ modern trailer sounds and 7 Kontakt instruments to create immersive audio experiences.

In a world where the average attention span is equivalent to a 10-year-old high on sugar, professional trailer sound effects can still grab your audience’s attention. Trailers are an essential part of marketing and advertising in a competitive industry where every decision is focus-tested to make the most money.

Eminence features

  • 7 Kontakt Instruments and 250+ samples including Signature Sounds, Hits, Booms, Whooshes, Whoosh Hits, Braaams, Pings, Downers, Drones, Risers, Pulses, Rolls, Drum Loops and more.
  • Recorded and processed at 48kHz/24-bit.
  • Powerful Audio Tools: “Big Knob” unleashes the power of a built-in audio algorithm. Shape the sounds with ADSR, pitch, filter, EQ, delay, reverb, exciter, compressor, transient, distortion, stereo widener, and more.

Available for the full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher, Eminence is priced only 39 EUR until May 23rd, 2023 (regular 79 EUR).

More information: VST Buzz