Softube has announced a Back to the Roots sale, offering $50 or more discount on all Amp Room products.

Softube Vintage Amp Room

Softube’s Vintage Amp Room: The white power amp, brown blues amp & green rock amp.

This month we are going back to the roots. To celebrate this we are offering a $50 discount on our praised Amp Room plug-ins! The offer ends July 17.

Vintage Amp Room was the first plug-in released under the Softube brand and has since been followed by the more aggressive Metal Amp Room, the bass focused Bass Amp Room and of course the Amp Room Bundle. The bundle is only available from our authorized dealers.

For pricing information visit the Softube web store or an authorized Softube dealer.

Back to the Roots

  • Vintage Amp Room: $164 (regular $219)
  • Bass Amp Room: $106 (regular $159)
  • Metal Amp Room: $106 (regular $159)
  • Amp Room Bundle: $249 (regular $299)

More information: Softube