Backbeat Books has published an updated edition of Chord Master, the ultimate guitar chord encyclopedia – and a lot more.

Written and compiled by Rikky Rooksby, author of Backbeat’s successful songwriting books, including How To Write Songs on Guitar, Chord Master takes a fresh look at those familiar fingerboard diagrams and the sounds they represent. He explains how chords are constructed, how they relate to each other, and how they work together to create memorable sequences and songs.

Unlike a traditional chord dictionary – a simple catalogue of guitar fingerboard diagrams – Chord Master explains the various chord types, shows why they sound the way they do, and illustrates how they can enhance your music. It helps you find chords, play them securely, and move smoothly between them.

Included are are more than 1,000 diagrams for open and movable chords, grouped according to key, type, and musical style. The book answers common chord questions, unlocks the chord secrets of famous songs, and gives you online access to 40 backing tracks that demonstrate how chords work in a sequence.

Chord Master helps beginners and accomplished guitarists, regardless of their preferred style of music, identify the chords in a particular piece of music, and the book provides inspiration for songwriting and arrangements.

New in Chord Master

  • Chord-changing for beginners, with the help of 20 new audio tracks.
  • Chord voicings and how they can work for you.
  • A handy guide to the 40 most useful chord shapes.
  • Experimenting with chords in an altered tuning.

The Chord Master book is available for purchase for $24.99 USD.

More information: Backbeat Books / Chord Master