ADSR Sounds has launched the Baker’s Dozen Bundle by TheDrumBank, a value collection featuring over 9GB of content covering Lo-Fi, Hip Hop, Future R&B, Trap, Indie and more.

What is a Baker’s Dozen? Here in Michigan, it is common to walk into a Bakery or Donut Shop and purchase a “Baker’s Dozen” which comes with 13 items instead of the usual 12!

On top of that this Baker’s Dozen is the Lofi experience you’ve been waiting for with over 4,000 total files adding up to more than 9GB worth of content. You will find everything Lofi in one delicious bundle!

The bundle includes Baker’s Chtulhu Vol 1 and 2, Baker’s MIDI Vol 1 and 2, Baker’s Drums Vol 1 and 2, and Baker’s Beats Vol 1 through 4. Additionally, it contains the Baker’s Dozen Instrument VST (10 instruments) and Baker’s Dozen Drum VST (240 total drum sounds). A $5 USD gift card is also included.

Available at over 80% off the regular price of all included packs, the Baker’s Dozen Bundle is priced only $30 USD (regular value $265 USD).

More information: ADSR Sounds