BOOM Library has released an update to the ENRAGE multi-modular FX plugin aimed at sound designers and music producers.

Version 1.2.1 includes 50 new presets to extend your creativity. The new “Timbre” FX device allows formant shifting, brightening/darkening, and creative timbral processing of signals in the spectral domain on monophonic and polyphonic material.

Additionally, the update includes lots of new features, new GUI options and other improvements.

It offers more than 50 different FX devices that can be chained in up to 6 bands parallel and / or in series. Together with 10 different modulation sources, ENRAGE opens up unlimited possibilities in terms of tweaking sound and finding highly-inspiring creative FX flows.

ENRAGE has more than 250 presets covering a wide variety of typical effects such as compressors, delays, filters, distortions, etc. Its modularity allows for even more compound and interwoven FX structures that cannot be achieved with serial channel strip effect chains.

ENRAGE for Windows and Mac is priced $349 USD / 299 EUR at the BOOM Library store and from distributor Plugin Boutique. The update is free for existing users and new users can also download a 7-day trial version to give ENRAGE a try.