SampleTekk Deals has launched a limited time promotion on a collection of classic drum machine instruments for Kontakt.

A collection of 7 drum machines, each of the Beaotic Kits consists of 58 sounds, consistently mapped to the same MIDI notes in every kit.

Built upon thousands of samples, Beaotic captures every detail (and every quirk) of classics like Roland TR-808, WersiMatic CX-1, Korg Rhythm 55 and several other drum machines. Or what about a ring-modulated LinnDrum?! That’s not something you’ll find anywhere else!

The kits come with several features that lift the expressiveness to another level, such as “Velocity to sample start”, “Drift”, “Impact”, “Color” and more. There’s also “Authentic pitch”, “Authentic accent” and full support for realtime knob adjustments to provide you with a real sense of working with analog hardware.

As a bonus, in each kit you’ll get a gracious number of custom sounds that match the character and quality of the original sources. These are part of what makes Beaotic kits truly unique.

Available for the full version of Kontakt 4.2 or higher, Beaotic Kits is on sale for $49 USD until September 4th, 2022 (regular $174 USD).