The latest edition of Beat Magazine takes a look at how you can make money with your music by releasing and promoting it successfully on Bandcamp, Spotify and more.

Bandcamp, YouTube, Patreon… or rather the classic way via label and distribution? The possibilities for successful self-marketing are almost endless. But what can you do yourself in your limited free time? Which distribution channels are recommendable? And can digital distributors, social media and newsletters replace a label? This marketing special provides the answers and shows how you can push your music to the max and gain a foothold in the business without sacrificing studio time.

The 08/22 edition also includes a free copy of Audified’s ToneSpot Voice Express, a plugin that aims to help you create better tracks with high end vocals.

Without question, vocals are the most important musical element in most songs. Due in no small part to the vast dynamics of the human voice, giving vocals a professional sound that carries through in a dense mix is an art in itself. Wouldn‘t it be cool to have a tool that simplifies this intricate effects processing? Raise the curtain on this month’s plug-in highlight, Audified ToneSpot Voice Express!

Available as a single PDF for only 4.99 EUR at Plugin Boutique, the August edition of Beat Magazine also includes the Matriark expansion for Zampler and MPCs.

The magazine is also available as a subscription at Plugs & Samples starting from 4.99 EUR/month.