Beat Bars has recently launched two MIDI adapters that allow you to connect standard pedals directly to a computer and use them to control effects in real time.

The EX2M adapter provides a connection between the expression pedal and the computer through USB. It is intended for musicians who want to connect standard pedals directly to their computers and control VST plugins by MIDI foot control.

FS2M is a universal adapter which can be used to trigger MIDI events in real time using a standard footswitch. It’s an ideal tool for real-time DAW control without hands. The adapter is intended for use with existing footswitches or sustain pedals.

The adapters are class compliant USB MIDI devices, i.e. they do not require any drivers and have full plug & play functionality right out of the box.

The MIDI adapters are available for purchase for 59.90 EUR each. Products are shipped to all EU countries (except for Cyprus and Malta). International shipping charges are 10 EUR per order.

More information: Beat Bars