The latest edition of Beat Magazine is all about finding your flow in daily routines to help you get tracks done.

The goal is clear: More songs and tracks should be finished. But not heartless and by template, but polished and with attention to detail. But how do you achieve this goal when time and muse in everyday life don‘t play along at the push of a button? No problem! Because the Beat editorial team has plenty of tips and helpers ready to help you optimize your studio workflow, get the ideas out of your head and into the DAW, and ultimately make more projects ready for release.

The February 2022 issue also includes two free virtual instrument libraries from Applied Acoustics Systems’ Sound Packs series.

Promising names such as Harmonic Geometry, Frontier or Kitnetix arouse curiosity about the almost unimaginable wealth of sound that Applied Acoustics Systems offers Beat readers with this instrument bundle. You have a free choice of 50 sound packages in a class of their own. Whether sounds from the Ultra Analog VA-2, the String Studio or Chromaphone: this month you can freely choose two sound instruments for the AAS Player.

The AAS Player plugin is free and runs on both Windows and Mac. The magazine also includes the Bigroom Synths expansion for Zampler and Akai MPCs, featuring 3.2 GB of basses, synths and pads designed for Trance & EDM music production.

Beat Magazine 02/22 is available for purchase from Plugin Boutique for $6 USD, or as a subscription at Plugs & Samples.