Bedroom Producers Blog has announced ESQ-1 Cassette, a free sample library by Neil Paddock, featuring a set of multi-sampled Ensoniq ESQ-1 instrument patches.

The sounds (originating from the ESQ-1 factory programs and sequence data cassette) were recorded and edited by Neil Paddock of How To Program Drums, who has also included a useful set of instrument patches for Native Instruments Kontakt and all SFZ compatible samplers. The library includes the individual WAV files as well, just in case you want to use a different sampler for these sounds.

ESQ-1 Cassette sample library will consist of two parts, featuring 22 patches in total. The first part of the library (available for free download on this page) contains the following eleven multi-sampled Ensoniq ESQ-1 patches.

ESQ-1 Cassette Part 1 is available to download from Bedroom Producers Blog. Neil Paddock is also offering a range of exclusive discount codes to BPB readers.

More information: Bedroom Producers Blog / ESQ-1 Cassette