Bedroom Producers Blog is offering a free copy of the Single Hits pack of Drumdrops 60s Rogers Pop Kit, a drum kit that replicates the drum sound from the old 60s pop records.

Dear BPB readers, we have some AWESOME news for you today! Our friends at Drumdrops have provided an exclusive drum sample pack for all BPB readers, the complete Single Hits Pack version of their forthcoming 60s Rogers Pop Kit drum sample library.

Drumdrops have been making top of the class drum sample libraries for quite a while now (you can take a look at our reviews of their Gretsch 1960s Round Badge Soul Kit BFD Pack and the Mapex Heavy Rock Kit Kontakt Pack) and it is such a huge pleasure to provide a free Drumdrops product for all our readers. We can’t thank Drumdrops enough for this awesome BPB exclusive freebie!

The pack is available for download exclusively from Bedroom Producers Blog.

More information: Bedroom Producers Blog / 60s Rogers Pop Kit Single Hits Pack