Bedroom Producers Blog has released the Yamaha SHS-10 Toy Keytar Sessions, a free sample pack.

Taking a short break from Commodore 64 Synthesizer Sessions, I’ve decided to release this set of free samples from a Yamaha SHS-10 toy keytar I used to own.

It’s a cool looking little keytar with some nice and cheesy FM sounds, but I had to sell it since there’s hardly any space left in my room for such little gadgets. Of course, I listed it it in the ads only after sampling all of its preset sounds.

Yamaha SHS-10 Toy Keytar Sessions features

  • 8 instrument presets, as well as the SHS-10 drum kit.
  • All the samples (69 samples in total) are 16-bit WAV files, with Kontakt 5 and Shortcircuit 1 patches included.
  • Patches have a key range from F1 to C3 (like the real SHS-10). Vibrato is mapped to the mod wheel.
  • Download size is 19.8MB (26.4MB on disk).

The sample pack is a free download (100% royalty free).

More information: Bedroom Producers Blog