Bela D Media has introduced a bundle of the previously released four-part series of reinvented classic vocal libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt, now offered at a reduced price.

Though the vocal phrases in use do not include actual words of meaning, each soloist sings with an indigenous tongue and the user is creating the illusion of language. Installments of Native Voice Complete include: SORA (A female vocalist of Japanese descent) and MAYA (A female vocalist of Lebanese descent) and AIZA (A female vocalist of Pakistani descent) and the final installment, EIRA (A female vocalist of Norwegian descent).

Native Voice Complete is available for purchase $199.99 USD, offering a $59.99 USD discount on the regular price of all 4 installments.

Use promo code BDMREK20 at the checkout to receive an additional 20% discount and purchase Native Voice Complete for only $159.99 USD. In addition, a purchase includes a one time use 50% off discount code.

More information: Bela D Media