Ben Anderson Music releases V-POPS

Ben Anderson V-POPS

Ben Anderson Music has released V-POPS, a freeware instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

V-Pops (Virtual Pops) is a reconstruction of the classic Minipops Junior and simmilar preset drum machines manufactured in the Mid-1970s, but with V-Pops you are no longer limited to the present sounds and rhythms! Sequence your own rhythms and tweak the sounds to suit your needs.

V-POPS tweakable sounds:

  • Kick: Volume, Decay, Pitch
  • Snare: Volume, Decay
  • Hi-Hats: Volume, Open Decay, Closed Decay
  • Conga: Volume, Decay
  • Block: Volume

The drum machine contains three presets to get you started.

Visit Ben Anderson Music for more information and a link to download V-POPS.

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Steven Schepers
Steven Schepers

Any idea where we can find this guy’s work? googlepages-link doens’t seem to work no more.


Did a quick check but couldn’t find anything. I’ll have a look tonight and see if I have this one in my archive. Perhaps it can be distributed.

Steven Schepers
Steven Schepers

Thanks, Ronny!


Changed link in above post, now available again (thanks, Bob!)