Best Service has introduced 4 limited time bundle offers.

For a limited period, Best Service offers 4 different bundles, each containing 5 of their most popular virtual instrument libraries at extremely favorable prices.

Best Service Bundles

  • Cinematic Pack (499 EUR): Era Medieval Legends, Epic World, Klanghaus, Convolution Space, Cinematic Instruments (1).
  • Ethno Pack (399 EUR): Accordions, Instruments from Ethno World 5, Voices and Choirs from Ethnow World 5, Desert Winds, Gu Zheng.
  • Session Pack (499 EUR): Chris Hein Horns Compact, Chris Hein Guitars, Chris Hein Basses, 2 Galaxy II Pianos, Vienna Grand and Blüthner, Drums Overkill.
  • Synth Pack (399 EUR): Galaxy X, Gladiator II extended, Synth Werk, Titan 200 Synthesizers in one, K-Size Engine Edition.

The packs are available to download or as boxed products from Best Service and its dealers.

More information: Best Service