Best Service has introduced a new Kontakt Player-powered instrument library by Chris Hein. Based on Mega Structure technology, OCTA is a musical workhorse that is incredibly adaptable and easy to be inspired by.

Included are 100 high quality solo instruments, 8 core multi channel instruments, and an 8-channel sequencer. Compose with a solo instrument or an ensemble of (up to) 8 instruments and let your creativity run wild.

The sonic magic comes to light when you combine and layer different instruments. Imagine the wooden attack of a marimba combined with the metallic sustain of a vibraphone – the possibilities are almost endless.

The true beauty of this instrument resides in the odd way it inspires you to improvise, whether you’re writing an underscore or the main theme – after all, improvisation is the foundation of music composition – regardless of how complex your programability may be. Feel free to go through every detail of OCTA’s functionality, however we recommend starting by playing around with your keyboard to tap into its beautiful lyrical nature and find hidden treasures along the way.

The centerpiece of the virtual instrument, the integrated sequencer allows you to play anything from a single note to powerful chords, and the sequencer will perfectly match your tempo and chord progression.

The instrument library is priced 299 USD/EUR. Registered users of a Chris Hein library are eligible for a time-limited loyalty crossgrade price of 239 USD/EUR throughout January.

More information: Best Service