Best Service has launched Accordions 2, a virtual instrument collection by Eduardo Tarilonte, featuring 13 painstakingly sampled instruments.

The Native Instruments Kontakt and Kontakt Player instrument library doubles the content of its predecessor, and comes with a completely revised user interface as well as premade rhythms for the left hand.

Accordions 2 was recorded chromatically with 3 different dynamics and 3 round robins, using the fines studio technology available as well as a Neumann U47 microphone. Even subtle sounds, like key and button noises, were carefully captured to increase the realism of your performance.

Accordions can be used in many different kind of productions and styles. From cinematic, romantic to folk styles like Celtic, Tex-Mex or South American.

Accordions 2 features

  • Over 8.000 samples.
  • 13 instruments in total: French Musette Accordion, Steirisches Accordion, Vibrandoneon, Bass Accordion, Concert Accordion, Folk Accordion, Bandoneon, Concertina, Single Reed Piccolo Accordion, Single Reed Musette Accordion, Single Reed Bassoon Accordion, Double Reed Musette Accordion and Left Hand Bass Accordion.
  • 3 kinds of Bellow shake.
  • Premade rhythms for the left hand.
  • 3 different dynamics and 3 round robins.
  • Key and button noises for ultra-realistic Performances.
  • Recorded chromatically with the pristine sound of a U47 microphone.
  • Advanced Kontakt scripting by Günter Hirscher.

Accordions 2 is available for $199 USD/199 EUR/£175 GBP. An upgrade is available to registered users of Best Service Accordions, priced at $79 USD/79 EUR/£69 GBP.

More information: Best Service / Accordions 2